Getting and Keeping Customers is Easier Than You Think.

Customers want to love you. They want a latte that soothes their soul. They want a space to share with their friends. They want food the comforts them. Life is hard and confusing and people are looking for a cozy cafe and a delicious restaurant to make their life a little bit better. 

It’s something that Starbucks does very well.

With 4 billion cups of coffee sold every year, Starbucks is the largest coffee chain in the world. When it comes to revenue, they are 10X larger than their closest competitor, Costa Coffee. How did they get here? How did they become the preferred cafe for millions of coffee drinkers and remote workers? 

They achieved this by dedicating themselves to service and hygiene. 

Unfortunately, smaller outlets all around the world have suffered as Starbucks and other large chains have done so well. Taking business away from smaller outlets and into the hands of large conglomerates. 

That’s why GetEat was born. They wanted to help the smaller guys. The small cafe and restaurant owners who work so hard to make an honest living. GetEat noticed that micro F&B retail merchants were struggling to compete with well supported and large retail outlets. Smaller players have higher costs and smaller marketing budgets. And they struggle to get their brand recognised by potential customers.

It’s the classic David vs. Goliath battle. For smaller David sized outlets, it’s hard to compete. But as we’ve seen, David defeated Goliath with the right tools. With the right tools, small restaurants and cafes can thrive.

It’s these tools that GetEat is offering. GetEat designed a platform to help micro F&B outlets to attract and retain customers. The GetEat platform does this through marketing, branding, and training. To top it all off, GetEat also helps outlets to reduce operating costs and maximise profit.

Helping With Marketing and Branding

GetEat understands that it’s difficult to attract customers. Especially when there are many competitors in the F&B space. That’s why GetEat has dedicated themselves to helping small outlets attract more customers.

To help small outlets stand out from everyone else on the street, GetEat installs a GetEat certified lightbox outside every GetEat certified outlet. With this lightbox, people will go out of their way to visit GetEat certified outlets. Because people understand that a GetEat lightbox means that the F&B outlet has excellent service and hygiene.

To help micro F&B outlets stand out online, GetEat guides partners in how they can create attention-grabbing social media channels. GetEat will even help outlets to create attractive promotional videos that can be used for online marketing. With a large network of F&B media partners, GetEat amplifies an outlet’s social media reach by helping them list their business in well-known F&B related social media channels.

With an upcoming app, GetEat members will receive recommendations on F&B offers from partner outlets. The GetEat app differentiates itself from other promotional apps because it will only host partners that are certified to have fantastic service and clean outlets. Thereby creating trust with consumers looking for an excellent F&B experience. 

But winning customers is only the first step. Micro F&B outlets will need customers to keep coming back.

Keep Customers Coming Back

GetEat helps their partners gain repeat customers by helping them to create a more pleasant environment. A place where people would want to spend more time in. A space that’s cozy, clean and free of pests. 

When it comes to retaining customers, nothing’s better than making people feel welcomed. And customers feel welcomed when there is fantastic customer service. Seeing how important this is, GetEat trains outlets on customer service as part of its mission to help small F&B outlets.

But does better marketing and branding, and more training means that your costs go up? No, it doesn’t.

Reduce Operational Costs

On top of customer acquisition and retention, GetEat helps outlet partners to reduce their operating costs. They do this through bulk-buying. Bulk-buying is one of the biggest advantages of larger F&B players. By buying bulk, large F&B players receive huge discounts from suppliers.

When F&B outlets sign up to become a GetEat partner, GetEat becomes their bulk-buying partner. With bulk-buying, small outlets finally have access to cheaper high-quality ingredients. Now small outlets can compete with the bigger players when it comes to food costs. Ordering food supplies through GetEat is convenient too. Just go to and order all food supplies online. GetEat will then deliver the food straight to the buyer’s doorstep. 

GetEat will even give their partner outlets a brand new, state of the art POS and supply ordering system. This goes a long way in making daily operations easier and allows outlets to be more careful in controlling their expenses.

To top it all off, partner outlets receive rewards when they use the system. The more rewards accumulated, the more money saved. 

If you’re a micro F&B outlet and you want to grow your customer base and save money, sign up as a premium outlet partner now at

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