A Better Experience in Every Restaurant and Cafe You Walk Into

You were with your friends for lunch. With everyone getting sleepy after a heavy meal, you’ve decided to visit a new cafe that just opened up down the street. 

Walking in through the door you notice that all the staff at the cafe is busy doing their own thing. No one welcomes you, or acknowledges that you exist. You sit yourself down waiting to be served. After what seemed like an eternity, a lone waitress emerges from the back and throws the menus down on the table and quickly leaves. You and your friends look at each other in disbelief.

What would you do?

  1. Get up and take your friends to a better place or,
  2. Accept the bad experience as normal.

Has this ever happened to you? Nothing’s worse than a bad restaurant or cafe experience. Remember that favourite place of yours that you refuse to go to anymore because:

  • The staff doesn’t wash their hands because the toilet has no soap, or
  • The service staff was rude to you, or
  • The wait was so long you wanted to cancel your order.

GetEat understands your frustration. That’s why Jin Tan started GetEat. In Australia, when you walk through the door, everyone from restaurant waiters to cafe baristas to bus drivers looks you in the eye, and says “how are ya mate?” If you’ve never been to Australia, you’d be pleasantly surprised to see how all their service staff are so friendly. And they’re genuine about it too. 

And that’s before we talk about the cleanliness of Australian F&B outlets. They are spotless! The staff are trained to value hygiene, the toilets are lovely. You’d have no qualms with sitting on one. And the ambience of their cafes and restaurants are cozy.

That’s why restaurants and cafes are lining up to sign up as a GetEat partner. Because when they become a GetEat partner, GetEat works with F&B outlets to empathise with what customers want. With that, we help outlets to ensure a pleasant ambiance for customers. We train outlets to improve their customer service experience and response times. And the most important – we help to make sure that the F&B outlet is clean, the bathroom is spotless, and the space is free of pests.

One of GetEat’s outlet partner, Vergine Café at Kepong

As a finishing touch, GetEat also provides every partner cafe and restaurant with a supply of power banks. So that you’ll never run out of phone juice when you’re busy Instagramming. 

F&B outlets understand that if they create a better environment for you as a customer, you’ll come back for more of their lattes and noodles. 

This means that when you see a GetEat certified standard signboard outside a restaurant, you can expect that the ambience will be pleasant, the staff friendly and attentive, and the restaurant is clean.

But what if the service or the environment isn’t up to your expectations? Then as a GetEat user, you’ll be able to submit a complaint. After receiving your complaint, GetEat springs into action and works with the F&B outlet to address your concerns. So that the next time you come back, they would’ve already improved. You can already submit feedback now through the GetEat website and soon you’d be able to do this through the GetEat app.

Taiwan Tea House signed up with GetEat.

To top it all off, when you sign up as a premium GetEat user, you’ll be the first to receive special rewards and discounts from our GetEat partners, saving you a pretty penny while ensuring you get the best F&B experience possible. In the app that’s launching soon, GetEat is making it easy for you to find awesome GetEat partners near you. 

So whenever your stomach growls or your brain is screaming for coffee, GetEat has you covered. 

With more than 20 F&B partners and growing fast, GetEat is on a mission to make your F&B experience a better one. To sign up as a premium user, head on to http://geteat.asia/geteat/.

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