GetEat X Tastefully

It is GetEat’s first year, or to say it is the first time GetEat to collaborate with Malaysia well-known F&B Expo.

It is an enjoyable moment for GetEat, to get into a such huge event, along with all the other exhibitors. We can see all sorts of booths, selling various kind of foods, etc. We can feel the energy in exhibit hall, especially when the crowds swarming in to get the foods they wanted, or when the exhibitors are shouting, promoting their products.

In this event, we have prepared a few things to help to raise the awareness of GetEat brand, a platform to aid people, whether you are young or grown, carnivore, omnivore or herbivore to help you to search for your favorite places to dine in. 

Vouchers and Goodie Bags

We have reached out to the crowds to send out our free vouchers and goodie bags. The intention was obvious, wasn’t it? No, we are not trying to promote our products, not really. We are trying to help the audiences to understand what we are, while at the same time trying to help our customers to realize how great the merchants that we have recruited. A small conversation with the shoppers helped us to bring them go through the journey providing for GetEat’s merchants and GetEat users especially on the benefits.

Specially designed F&B introduction videos from various GetEat merchants were showing throughout the expo, to introduced the particular information of their F&B for the crowds. The videos shown were telling about the information of the awesome recruited F&B merchants and their succulent, delightful meals. We know foodies do curious about how the food is presented, what are the attitude of the restaurant owners, and this is the reason we have prepared the videos, as part of our service for the merchants. From the videos, audience able to know a sense in how to create scrumptious, delicious food and know how to treat their customer, treat them like their own family. We are dedicating to create an environment where the merchants and customers are connecting together, sharing the joy together.

A mini tapping game at our booth, on the other way, is a way we trying to relax, loosen up the visitors in this hustle and bustle city. Can we say, people who came across our booth were having a good laugh and released a lot of stress, forgotten at least for a moment that they are living in this concrete jungle. We The mini games was really fun where people are trying to compete with each other, trying to break our best records.

Facebook Selfie Contest was a very exciting event created for us to stay connected with the users. It is delightful, entertaining experiences to snap photos for them, or even with them. We have concluded the likes of the contestant and 5 of the contestants had won rm200 GetEat cash vouchers each, with a total RM1,000 of GetEat cash vouchers. We hope that the winners that use the RM200 cash vouchers on our merchants, will find out how awe-inspiring the restaurants are, how diligent the merchants are. We do also hope that all the visitors, who just get to know GetEat, give our merchants a shot. 

It is a meaningful, memorable moment for GetEat be a part of this event. We shared a lot of fun, enjoyable moments with our gracious guest. We have some nice conversation about what GetEat is, which we had to mention again now, GetEat is a platform that connecting the dots between the food hunters (whether they like Oriental, Western, Japanese, Thai or any other type of cuisine) and merchants, creating a harmony for food lovers, a paradise of food and enjoyments. From the Expo, GetEat team have a great moment, exchanging our thoughts of foods, where some of us like spicy foods that us bath in sweats, while the others love sweet dessert, drowning in the train full of chocolate, cakes and sweet.

We do appreciate all of you who are willing to share the moments with us. We sincerely thank you for your time being with us, thank you so much.

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